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The “da Vinci” System is designed to perform complex dissection or reconstruction offering patients potential benefits:

It is a minimally invasive procedure that allows to perform surgery through small incisions. For example, whereas in a traditional prostatectomy requires a large incision of about 15-20 cm, with the “da Vinci” this system is significantly smaller.

The recovery time decreases, allowing the patient to return to daily activities with less time.

The hospital stay is much shorter than in the case of open surgery.

Reduced risk of intraoperative and postoperative complications, and less blood loss.


What other benefits does the “da Vinci” System? 

The “da Vinci” system offers all the benefits of a minimally invasive procedure, including less pain and less need for transfusions, but also offers a better recovery. Studies have shown that:

Patients undergoing prostatectomy with the “da Vinci” system urinary continence recover faster than patients undergoing conventional open surgery or laparoscopy. These patients also recovered in less time sexual function.

In women who have had a hysterectomy using the “da Vinci” system has been proven to accelerate the recovery period.

Patients undergoing mitral valve repair with the “da Vinci” obtained with greater ease, better repair rate compared with the placement of a prosthesis.


How does “da Vinci” surgery?

Through these tiny incisions, the surgeon inserts instruments that allow you to perform the surgery. The “da Vinci robot” has four arms, one of which is responsible for holding the camera which transmits images of the region to intervene. Two robot arms reproduce, with high precision and in real time the movements performed by the surgeon, allowing greater accuracy and thus obtaining optimal clinical results. The fourth tip system performs tasks of an operating room assistant.

“Da Vinci”  has also a control center and a shopping display that allows the surgeon to control the robot’s arms to perform surgery .

What technical advantages offered? 

The “da Vinci” System is designed for maximum ease of use, and allows the surgeon:

Greater surgical precision and increased range of motion. The alignment between the eye, the hand and the tip of the instrument gives the surgeon precise control and accurate.

Best viewing and access. The surgeon may have, if desired, a three dimensional high definition.

High skill. The instruments are designed to provide surgeons with a natural ability, and a greater range of motion than the human hand. The movements of the surgeon’s hand are measured, filtered and translated into the robotic arms and instruments.

What specialties working with “da Vinci” System?

The “da Vinci” surgical applications emphasize:

Urology, particularly in prostate operations. Radical prostatectomy is one of the most common surgeries that are performed with the “da Vinci” system.

Gynecology, mainly in surgical procedures as simple and radical hysterectomy. Also used in myomectomy (fibroid, fibroids …) and sacrocolpopexy (uterine or vaginal prolapse).

Cardiac surgery, primarily heart valve repair and bypass graft surgery, and in closing the septal defect, aortic ligation or ring electrode implantation tricameral MCP.

Gastrointestinal surgery, for example, in cases of colon cancer.

The “da Vinci” system is not only an alternative to traditional open surgery, but also to conventional laparoscopy, and is especially useful in the application of surgical oncology.

In a second phase is planned to expand the type of activities where you can apply the “da Vinci” system in areas such as pediatric surgery or otolaryngology.

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